What I'll Miss: Becker's Kyra Teixeira

What I'll Miss: Becker's Kyra Teixeira

Kyra Teixeira is a two-sport athlete at Becker College, playing soccer and softball. The senior was the New England Collegiate Conference (NECC) Women’s Soccer Player of the Year this past season. She will graduate this spring with a degree in Exercise Science.  

I will honestly miss everything from athletics, academics, the campus, and especially the people here. Athletics for me is something I will truly miss the most since that’s what my childhood consisted of, and when I’m able to play and do the things I love, it makes every day so much better. Soccer will always be apart of me, as will softball, and I can’t wait to be able to share the same passion with younger kids. I will truly miss competing at the collegiate level, as well as working with people who share the same passion as I do. It was always a dream of mine to play collegiate soccer and softball, and I am so thankful I was able to work hard to get there. I will miss Becker athletics number one fan Maui at every game, and I will miss the specific atmosphere, happiness, and work ethic each team, soccer and softball, brought. It is hard to think that my family and closest friends may not be able to come and watch any more of my games, and that this could be the end of my career, but who knows what I may do with my final years of eligibility.

The campus here is very small, so it has been awesome to be able to see familiar faces so frequently, and to be able to talk to anyone here. I will miss going to basketball, baseball, football, and soccer games, as well various other sports with my friends and cheering on each hawk. I will miss my fellow athletes and how we have always been there for each other through win, loss, academics, struggle, and success, as well as being the main supporters at each and every game. Although it is my time to move on, I will really miss stepping foot on alumni field everyday, running sprints across the field, as awful as they are, celebrating games, goals, hits, plays, as well as being on the diamond all with my best friends.

With the sudden end of my softball season it goes to show that anything can be taken at any point, so do not take for granted what you are given, and cherish each day like it will be your last. It was heartbreaking to hear the news of the cancellation, but I am thankful we were able to get a few games in while in Florida. It is upsetting to know that we will not be graduating in May, having athletic banquets we all worked so hard for, and that we never got to compete for the NECC spring titles, but I’m glad I was able to share the amount of time with my team as much as I did. I want to thank Becker athletics, athletic trainers, the Becker community, friends, family, and everyone I met along the way, including each team from the NECC, for pushing me to be the best I could be, and for making Becker a second home for me. If anyone has any chance of playing a D3 sport in college, I would highly recommend it. It helps you grow as a person, meet amazing people, work as a team to achieve something great, and will give you the gift of life long friendships. I will miss Becker as a whole and will cherish the memories I was able to make forever.


The NECC began competition in the 2008-09 academic year and current member institutions compete across 15 sports. The NECC membership focuses on providing athletic competition among institutions that share similar academic aspirations and are committed to the importance of the total educational experience for students engaged in sports. Current members include Bay Path University, Becker College, Dean College, Eastern Nazarene College, Elms College, Lesley University, Mitchell College and New England College.