Noah Cheney: Leading Eastern Nazarene On and Off the Court

Noah Cheney: Leading Eastern Nazarene On and Off the Court

Being a collegiate student-athlete is a demanding lifestyle, but some choose to take it a step further.  Hailing from Bend, Oregon, Noah Cheney found a home away from home at Eastern Nazarene College.

Cheney arrived on campus as a recruit for the men’s basketball team, where he is now averaging 10 points a game as a senior guard and was named to the NECC All-Tournament Team last season.  Aside from basketball, Cheney has been involved in several different aspects of student life on campus. As a junior he looked after intramurals on campus as the Executive Director of Recreational Life, while currently he is part of the Student Government Association and Student Body President.

“Balancing school, athletics, and extracurricular activities can be difficult, but I think it is so rewarding,” said Cheney.  He noted that time management is a key and something that helped him achieve effective use of his time was the use of a calendar. “Often, we have enough time to do the things we may think we don’t have time for, we just have to manage our time better,” said Cheney.

He is thankful to live in a technologically advanced time because he is able to connect with his family back home. “I am extremely blessed to have an incredibly supportive family,” said Cheney. “I FaceTime my parents and brother frequently. I often lean on my family when I am struggling and need support. They always have words of encouragement or pieces of advice that really help me out.”

The support Cheney receives from his team off the court is truly appreciated by the senior. His campaign for Student Body President included having to give a speech in front of the entire school. “My entire team sat in the very front row and cheered for me. Some of my teammates even took the time to make me a sign,” said Cheney. “This support from my team meant the world to me, especially when I was nervous.”

It is not always easy being a collegiate student-athlete and being involved in campus life, but time management and finding a solid support system are key factors in maintaining a healthy balance.

“I strongly recommend getting involved on campus; whether it be big or small,” said Cheney, “it provides so many opportunities and friendships that otherwise would not be there.”


The NECC began competition in the 2008-09 academic year and current member institutions compete across 15 sports. The NECC membership focuses on providing athletic competition among institutions that share similar academic aspirations and are committed to the importance of the total educational experience for students engaged in sports. Current members include Bay Path University, Becker College, Dean College, Eastern Nazarene College, Elms College, Lesley University, Mitchell College and New England College.